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accesa cinema vouchers

Accesa is giving away cinema vouchers as birthday presents to their employees. They asked us to personalize them in order to fit the theme but to also fit various movie preferences of their colleagues in order for them to receive a customized gift


Year: 2015


Hayes Knight printed materials

We worked along with Hayes Knight for their printed materials too, not only their website


Year: 2010-2014


accesa Christmas cards

Accesa had a really nice idea for the Christmas cards of 2014, to recycle them in an useful way and to send out cards that were plantable.  We devised some custom graphics to depict just that “the seeds of good fortune” and the instructions to use them


Year: 2014


accesa printed materials

Accesa is always taking care of even the smallest details in their image and their relation with employees and customers, so they create custom materials to achieve that


accesa – interior design

When Accesa moved into their new offices in 2013, they asked us to help them put a mark on the new place. Each level of the building was branded with a city name where Accesa has clients and the street window was branded with a global, tech theme that was also helping both to depict the global reach of the company but also the help with making the front offices a little less visible from the street.


Year: 2013



The railings company Crosinox is working with us for their printed materials, newsletters, and general visual appeal. They have modern, architectural solutions so their image has to match that.


Year: 2010-2015


New employee folder – accesa

We designed a folder that is to be handed to the new employees of Accesa, containing information that helps the familiarize with the company. The idea behind it was the possibility to create new opportunities and the idea of discovering Accesa. For that we didn’t just use an open door, but we drew one, on a blank wall, where in the beginning, there was nothing.


Year: 2013


accesa 10 year anniversary

We were very happy to celebrate 10 years of accesa. We created a specific pattern for this occasion and also, we custom created some hand-made elements depicting the number “10” that we used for the printed materials




accesa teambuilding

aceesa needed a little guide for their boot-camp style teambuilding event in 2014, so we made a pixel military theme. We had fun with this


Year: 2014


accesa kitchen workflow

In a large company of very young adults its’ often hard to keep all things in order, so accesa requested us to help them create some nice graphics and an easy visual representation of an office workflow


Year: 2014