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accesa – interior design

Accesa moved into their new offices in 2013 and was in need to adapt the space to their own needs. One of them was creating a lounge area for their employees and another one was having a front desk. We created some custom pieces of furniture reflecting the accesa triangle with some interesting angles on the furniture


Year: 2013


accesa – interior design

When Accesa moved into their new offices in 2013, they asked us to help them put a mark on the new place. Each level of the building was branded with a city name where Accesa has clients and the street window was branded with a global, tech theme that was also helping both to depict the global reach of the company but also the help with making the front offices a little less visible from the street.


Year: 2013


accesa kitchen workflow

In a large company of very young adults its’ often hard to keep all things in order, so accesa requested us to help them create some nice graphics and an easy visual representation of an office workflow


Year: 2014


DEA Clinic

The image of a dermatology clinic. The client wanted to reflect the fact that they work in the field of beauty but still have a serious image because they are a medical clinic, with an appeal to a broader range of ages. They also wanted a logo that works in their favor, in the future, when they will want to create a line of beauty products with their name.


We started from the concept of “skin”, since they are dermatologists, but we wanted to translate it into an abstract image. We thought of one of the characteristics of the skin, which is fingerprints, so we made a “fingerprint” for the clinic, which is it’s logo and specific graphics


Year: 2015